Thank you for choosing Clipping Path LifeLtd. When you visit or register, interact or use our site and our services, our privacy policy describes how we will use the personal data we have collected about you when using this site. Keep in mind that we may update the policy as per as we need.

By accessing this website, you approve of collecting and using your confidential information as described in this document. You do not have to visit the site if you do not agree to the terms of this document. Where needed by applicable law, we expressly go forward to personal process data collected on the site by you. 

Please note that any support is entirely voluntary. However, if you do not provide the necessary consent to process your Personal Data, you can’t use the site.

The principles of our privacy policy are as follows:

  • We will inform you why the information is accumulated when collecting personal data.
  • We will retain personal data as far as essential to fulfill these purposes.
  • Your data must be up-to-date to the extent required for its purposes, and it has to be complete, accurate, and relevant.
  • We may save the details using appropriate security measures against theft or loss and publication, copying, unauthorized access, and modification.

Policies in general

We are not permitted to transfer all of your assets under this Privacy Statement elsewhere. The company may share rights in this privacy policy if it believes that you do not compromise your privacy.

Suppose a court or competent authority decides that any part of this Privacy Policy (or any part of any provision) is illegal or unenforceable. In this case, the ground or partial installation is canceled to the necessary extent.

Moreover, the remaining terms of this Privacy Policy will stay effective and in full force. Unless otherwise agreed, any party’s delay, action, or omission to enforce any right or activity will not be construed as a disclaimer of that or any other right or remedy.

Your privacy

The company’s legal statement will explain how we will collect data about you, how we may disclose your data, and how you may restrict our disclosure of your data. When you give us your information for any reason, we confirm that your data is utilized securely. 

We will take help from your personal information to deliver and observe the use of those services across our business and Website. Also, the graphics experts may use your information to improve our services. We will gather two kinds of data for you, for example:

Personal data

These types of information identify you personally and are collected so that we can provide it to you on our Website. Personal data may include your birth date, email address, name, and other relevant data that you give us.

Non-Personal Data

These data types may not identify you and are automatically collected when you visit our Website using a browser. The data may contain information that you’ve conveyed to yourself and others.

What data do we collect?

When you utilize our site, we automatically gather specific computer data through the relations of your device or web browser to our Website. We also collect the following:

When you go with our site, we gather certain computer information through the relations to your web browser and mobile device with our website. We also collect the following:

Automatic Data

We receive data from the browser. The automatic data may contain your name to connect to our site, your computer’s IP address or your proxy server, your web browser, your mobile device, plus your computer’s operating system. Moreover, we will use all those data to enhance our website features.

Google Analytics

Google may disseminate your information with third parties apps or browsers if needed by law. In addition, Google may not share the IP with other Google-held data. Also, you can sabotage cookies by setting up your browser. If you do so, you can not use all our website’s features.

How We Use Your Data?

We use the data by processing the following:

Personalization of our site

We generally use your data for work purposes. We have to personalize our website and call you or provide a promotional email to let you know about an update to our service.  

Notice required by law

  • We may require the law to disclose your data.
  • We need police help.
  • It is necessary to prove a violation of our legal terms.
  • Essential for our defense against lawsuits

Use your images

We promise that you will not use your images for commercial or even promotional purposes, including posting them on the site as examples. We hold the privilege of utilizing free route images for promotional purposes and publishing them on the site only as examples of our work. You can also opt out of using these route images by simply sending them to our agents. If you allow us to utilize your stock photographs as examples of our job, we may use them on our website. It all depends on your license.

Data storage and security

Personal data is stored securely following our internal security strategy and, where applicable, Irish data protection regulations. This data may be sent, stored, and processed outside the European Union.

You consent to the transfer, storage, or processing by entering your data. generally accepts technical and operational security measures to protect personal information from theft, misuse, unauthorized alteration, or destruction. Sadly, there is no Internet communication or computer storage that is entirely secure.

Yet we have tried so hard to confirm your security, but we cannot guarantee its complete security. In a data breach that compromises your personal information, we will notify you as soon as possible. We will never want any sensitive information about you without your express and informed consent.

Updates of the Privacy Policy

We hold the privilege to modify or change our privacy policy. In fact, you will need to check our privacy policy later a while. We may inform you through our blog post, website, or email if we update the policy. Any changes to the privacy policy are effective as the last update and supersede any previous privacy policy.

Check out our privacy policy

We want to continue our business following those rules to ensure personal information security. If you want to know more about our privacy policy, you can contact us at