Clipping Path Life is an offshore company involved in photo processing

 And clipping path services Provider Company.

 Clipping Path Life provides photoshop image editing services such as remove background, clipping path, image masking service, and other Photoshop-related services globally.

We have a very experienced team and many years of professional experience. Most of our graphic designers are trained by the country’s renowned organizations.

Who are we?

Clipping Path Life works closely with photographers, web and graphic design companies, printing houses, catalogs, advertising agencies, and magazine agencies. In addition, our team is divided into three shifts to work 24 hours a day, which allows clients from all over the world to trust that they are in the right place to get their job done stress-free.

The motto of our company is that satisfied customers will always come to us. Quality is the focus for us. We recognize that our clients exist because of the nature of our work. Therefore, we are constantly trying to understand the needs of our clients and try to enter into the discussion, and ultimately provide excellent quality work at a low price.

What we bring is the guise of what we offer. We also recognize that experience speaks for itself. That’s why we choose our team very carefully, and at the moment, we have several photo editing specialists with at least three years of experience. Which guarantees you a good job is guaranteed.

 focus on sober meetings, not on the formal will of IT. In this line, we have created a group as indicated by it. Our also training our team to become more capable and updated. We check and receive detailed information from our customers. 

We usually welcome our clients to contribute to our work. So we can work for our quality. Here, the only thing that matters is customer satisfaction.

Our Employee

Every year, Clipping Path Life offers a variety of collaborative educational activities for our employees to keep them from feeling overwhelmed or overwhelmed. We offer our employees many vacations and receive a bonus every two years. In addition, every year we take fully paid holidays and lunches for our employees so they can relax and have fun.

We also provide housing for employees if they need it and train them in new skills if they are unfamiliar with them. Our expert and dedicated team believes in donations and helping the poor for their betterment . Every year, we donate a significant amount to the poor in the hope that one day they will be able to make ends meet like us. 

These rewarding activities make our new team members empathize and motivate them to perform better. We try to encourage ourselves to become role models for our newcomers. All of Our employees take sick leave, if necessary and we pay all costs for medicines. We believe that if we treat our employees like family, they will work and consider this company their family. 

Our company offers women special privileges according to their needs, and they receive the same salary as the men in our comparison. Finally, Clipping Path Life cares about its employees and plans to continue this tradition for years to come.

Our mission

We aim to consistently provide our customers with high-quality products and respond quickly and accurately to their needs. Focusing on these simple goals is the key to our continued growth and success and the foundation of our customer relationships.

  • Provide quality services using the latest technology
  • Attracting and retaining qualified personnel
  • Fast customer service
  • Maintaining sustainable development
  • Stay up to date on corporate social responsibility
  • Maintain strong business ethics

Our Vision

Our dream of being an industry leader and role model for a new generation of local outsourcing companies that excel in customer service through forward-thinking and robust, intelligent people, innovative use of technology, and a full range of higher quality products and services.

We dream and build a business from real people—one digitally enhanced image at a time. We are the number one for online reliable image retouching and clipping path services. But most significantly, we have both image retouching and clipping path service:

An essential skill you can trust

We break the typical Troparion where you get mediocre cropping and retouching services.  Our accustomed to providing our clients with enhanced images on their websites. We support your strategic marketing efforts by delivering manual clipping path services tailored to your business’s offline and online requirements.

A mission to create thriving communities in the country

We have so many professionals who want to help you reach more people with enhanced product images that stand out. In addition, our shaping the future of the communities around us by prioritizing those who are unemployed, lack IT certifications, and feel powerless. 

Our team is committed to training these ordinary people in talented image retouching to save you time, effort, and money. Whether you’re a product photographer or an online store owner, our mission is to create world-class improved images that make you look more professional.

The services we offer

We, the team of Clipping Path Life, one of the best image processing service providers in Bangladesh, provide 100% Photoshop image processing services at an affordable price. We mainly offer four primary photoshop services in one leading service.

Clipping path service

At present, online shopping is gaining popularity. Everyone wants to buy the expected product where the seller is very active in door-to-door delivery. To achieve good sales, a company always wants to display a product’s website on the web with a product photo and a background image. 

Therefore, each company uses the image background removal service as the first choice for this action. Many Clipping Path companies offer a “clipping service” that uses Photoshop’s pencil tool to clip by hand. Once you’ve completed the clipping path, you can easily change the background and position to a colorful circular web pattern. 

Photoshop Image Ghost Mannequin Removal Service and Neck Joint Service

These services apply to pants, T-shirts, shirts, bras, tights, nightwear, etc. It is a unique service used to display a product with a logo. When the photographer takes a photo in a model dress or mannequin, there is no way to show the back with the name and logo of your company. 

That is what you need to recreate the image from the back. And this is where service is required. The ghost mannequin removal technique removes the model/doll from the main image and blends it into the background to make it seamless. 

Image Mask Service

The Image masking service is another cutting service, but it is not generated by the Photoshop Pencil Tool. Image masking service only applies to skin, hair, and fur images that are difficult to remove, and you may lose many objects or parts of the main image. 


Image Mask Out is better than cropping when the image has hair and fur. Once we’ve covered a photo, we always save the final file with Alpha Layer masking on a transparent background. It is possible to change the background for further work, whatever you want.

Photo retouching services

The photo retouching service is well known in the image editing industry. Everyone wants a product to be free of dust, scratches, etc. It is mainly applied to e-commerce business products, image processing services, and more. 

When an image leaves the studio, extra work needs to be done, such as using a professional Photoshop image retouching service that only an image editing company can provide. It will become attractive once you remove dust, scratches, and unwanted objects from the image.

In addition to these four main services, we also offer two additional services:

Web Image Optimization Service

This service is mainly used to reduce an image’s size, aspect ratio, and resolution. Most websites have a precise template where all photos must be the same size for height and width. eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, and Shopify have a standard image size of 1200×1200 pixels at 150 dpi. 

After cropping or hiding an image, you will eventually need to resize it by following the instructions. Web image optimization can make this service enjoyable and straightforward.

Image Shadow Creation Services

This service is optional. It applies to images to make them look more natural. Without a shadow, the product (sofa, bottle, table, etc.) looks strange and floating in the air. 

Natural shadows can make images look more realistic. There are two options for creating a shadow. One creates an entirely new shadow, while the other keeps the original shadow without losing the main object. Both shades can make the image perfect.